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TÜV attested both demig-companies during the rotational recertification the successful conversion to the new 

DIN ISO 9001-2015




AWT awarded a prize to company demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH for the active participation in technical committees.

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft has awarded company demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH with the seal of approval „Innovative through Research“.


We thank you for your visit at the common booth of demig and TTC at this year's HärtereiKongress 2017 in Colgne.
We enjoyed the many pleasant conversation very much and hope to see you again next year.



At the HärtereiKongress in Cologne 2016 we were glad to have the possibility to present our products and the products of our partner TTC Informatik GmbH on a considerably larger area.
This increases the possibility for successful conversations tremendously.


Successful control audit of the demig Prozessautomatisierung and of the demig Anlagentechnik GmbH, realized by the TÜV Rheinland,  according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 without any objections.



We were very happy about your visit.

Thank you very much







Successful recertification of the demig Prozessautomatisierung and of the demig Anlagentechnik GmbH, realized by the TÜV Rheinland,  according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
without any objections. The certificat is now valid until 2018.


New Compact controller DE-VX 4608

Our experience of more than 35 years of developing process control systems together with modern hardware technology lead to a compact high-performance process system. We retained the existing structure of the process controllers’ series DE-VR 4008 and DE-VX 4100. That means all projects can be created with the same configuration software and existing projects can be used directly after modifications of the digital and analog I/O´s and slight changings of the process views.

Despite its compact structure, the DE-VX 4608 is equipped with sufficient analog and digital inputs and outputs and can be used in a wide field of applications in the process engineering. High-performance Intel Atom processors (Multi-Threading able) are able to regulate even fast processes and complex calculations. Thus, the advantages of modern high-performance process systems are available even for small plants.

The combination with the integrated PLC allows the application in all cases where sophisticated and complex problems of control and automation call for a solution, e.g. in the heat treatment of metals, glass and ceramics and in the chemical and foodstuff industries.


16 sportsmen and sportswomen were in the demig team "de rejelbaren Rennmaschinen reloaded" which started at the  6. Corporate Challenge in Siegen (Siegerländer Firmenlauf) organized by the health insurance AOK. Although the fun-factor for the 8000 runners was important, the sportive ambition led to some good results.


During a visit – lasting several days – of our business partners Ms. Gong Zhanxia (General Manager) and professor Mr. Jiezhe Zhang (President) from HJT New Technology Co.Ltd in Beijing, the further cooperation on the Chinese market had been strategically planned. We also had a positive exchange of views and opinions concerning the current economical situation in China, which is estimated again very positively in the medium term.