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prover/2 - Automation

 demig is one of the leading enterprises in Europe in the area of metals for the automation of heat treatment plants. We also have a lot of experience in the glass and ceramics industry as well as in the chemical and food industry.
Together with the special departments of our customers or partners from the plant construction, our engineers project, program and install the automation control of continuous plants or summarize periodically working components to production units.


Both the demig process systems and the supervisory system prosys/2 are put in but also periphery units of other manufacturers will be integrated. The automatic system functions in the program module prover/2 are programmed according to customer wishes. Related to respective technology we have particularly developed concepts which are established modularly and can be combined. The automation level of the plant can be carried out customer individually. The program will be adapted to the structuring of operations and documentation in the company, too. A relational database makes a complete charge tracing and individual evaluations possible.


Product Tracking

Process Data

Transport Command

Data Preparation

Test Data


Selected Examples of autmation projects

Pusher furnace

Automatic chamber furnace line

Continuous belt furnace

Automatic line for aluminium pieces

Automatic nitriding furnace line