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The solution for existing installations


Older production installations, which are no longer up to the latest technical standard, may be modernized by our qualified employees in such a way that the installations meet the current quality requirements. The advantage to new installations is - except for the price - the fast availability and the small down time at an optimal planning of the modernization. 

Our service:

Planning and engineering of modernizations and extensions incl. optimizing of processes.

Extension of existing installations and exchange of components out of date. 

Modernizations, new installations or new wirings incl. creation or modification of the circuit diagrams.

Exchange of the measurement and control technology of different manufacturers incl. programming and configuration according to user specifications.

Integration in the process supervisory system prosys/2 for the process documentation for the quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9000. 

Installation and function test.

Telemaintenance and and software update.


 SEW-Pit-Type Furnace

SEW-Pit-Type Furnace

VW-Pusher Furnace

VW-Pusher Furnace