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DE-VX 4600

Compact controllers

 - further components of demig Automation also for smaler systems

Despite the compact setup, the process controllers of the 4600 series are equipped with sufficient analog (8/4) and digital (32 to 128) in and outputs and are suited for a multitude of complex controlling and automation tasks, including the heat treatment of metals, glass and ceramics as well as for the chemical, thermal environment and food industries. High-performance Intel Atom processors (Multi-Threading able) regulate even fast processes and complex calculations.

We maintained the demig philosophy of the compatibility of all demig controller families DE-VR 4008 and DE-VX 4100. That means that all projects can be realized with the same configuration software and already existing projects are directly applicable after a modification of the digital and analog I/O assignment and slightly changes of the process views. Due to the uniform operating function, a further training is not necessary.


DE-VX 4608 (128 I/O)

DE-VX 4601 (32 I/O)

In addition to the compact controllers DE-VX 4604/4608  demig has launched two more compact systems of the type DE-VX 4601/4602, which are suited for smaller plants as well as for plants with only close installation possibilities.





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