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1977 Foundation in Cologne as demig microcomputer GmbH with special developments on the base of microprocessors (e.g. tank data recording for company-owned filling stations, control units for lifts and fan blowers etc.)
1978 Development of the first digital programmer worldwide, the DE-P1131
1982 Market introduction of the first integrated digital program controller DE-PR 0133
1984 Expansion of the management by new active partners and a Venture Capital partnership with S-Siegerlandfonds
1985 Move to Siegen and cooperation with the local university
1986 Development of a PC-based supervisory system fort he connection of the control systems and change from a manufacturer of controllers to a process technology and engineering company
1992 Sale of the branch "Automation of filling stations" and rename of the company in demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH
1995 Expansion of the offered service in the field of heat treatment with complete solutions for modernization and automation
1998 Purchase of interests of the Düster Elektrosteuerungsbau GmbH in order to strengthen the service in the field of control engineering
2000 Scheduled termination of the Venture Capital partnership and repurchase of the shares by the shareholders
2001 Division of the company in demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH in which the fields of process control, automation and special developments are combined and in the company demig Anlagentechnik GmbH for the engineering and realization of industrial projects in the branch of mechanical engineering
2002 demig Prozessautomatisierung celebrates 25 years of partnership in the process engineering
2004 Opening of a representation in Nanjing (China) with a local partner
2006 Opening of a further representation in Beijing (China), also as service-center, with a further partner