The line tailored supervisory software

for optimizing production processes (heat, cooling and climate)

The demig supervisory system includes all control systems of the process level and gives the production management and the general management a complete overview of the currently running processes. From here, you can start, control or even interfere in processes. The data provided by the process control system, supports you in tasks like quality assurance, energy management and process optimization.

Especially for complex installations, the overview is significantly facilitated and allows qualified employees to serve several installations simultaneously.

Due to the open structure, which may be extended at any time and cost-effective, the system grows up to a fully-automatic production line with our program prover/2 and the possibility to connect an ERP system with our TAM interface. Our technicians and engineers develop together with you applications which are tailor-made in every detail according to your process requirements.

We can do that because we develop our systems in-house. That gives us the opportunity to respond flexibly to developments and to implement at any time new possibilities especially regarding industry 4.0 requirements. The multi-dimensional scalability is an important advantage of the system. prosys/2 can be used vertically with one installation and control system or horizontally together with several installations and control systems. That offers the possibility of an easy and uncomplicated expansion. The system grows along the requirements. In case of expansions or integration of further demig process control systems, prosys/2 transfers the respective configuration without great effort. This is time and cost saving especially if a controller needs to be replaced at short notice. The close interaction of the demig systems is paying off continuously for you.

Our demig technicians are always on your site with advice and support. They are available by phone and support you e.g. by remote. To use the many prosys/2 advantages, you do not have to conclude any maintenance contract. You participate from the further demig developments and innovations by upgrades to very favorable conditions.

Supervisory Level

On the supervisory level, the process control systems of the process level are connected by prosys/2 to one central supervisory system. Here, all processes of the connected installations are visualized and documented.


Upper Supervisory Level

The upper supervisory level includes the automation of the installations connected via prosys/2. The program prover/2 is the operator surface for the extended tasks, based on the SQL-data-base-management-system.


Company Management Level

On the company management level data of the supervisory level or of the upper supervisory level are transferred via ERP interface module to the company´s ERP systems. This leads to a higher consistency in the complete company process.

A special demig TAM-interface connects our supervisory system with the AdministrationManagementSystem AMS of our cooperation partner TTC Informatik GmbH.