Different application possibilities

Metals, plastics, food, medicine, glass- and ceramic-products as well as other materials are heat-treated to obtain certain characteristics. The wide variety of heat treatment processes is reflected in the possibilities of the demig systems, which are especially developed for the heat treatment industry.

Multi-chamber furnace

This furnace type can be very flexibly used for high temperature constancy and exact reproducibility of results.The process control system series DE-VX 4200 is a very important part in this installation. The exact triggering of the latest burners, the individually adjustable C-level control and the exact recording of process variables are only some examples. This type of furnace is often used in full-automatic installations, where each furnace is regulated and controlled with an DE-VX 4200. The cooperation of all single components is realized by the supervisory system prosys/2.

Vacuum furnace

The regulation of all process variables, e.g. temperature, vacuum run and quenching, as well as the control of the complete system by means fo the process controller series DE-VX 4200. With the integrated PLC and the very flexibly hardware configuration with analog and digital I/O cards, the control system can be used even for complex installations. Further advantages of the process controller for this furnace type

  • Switch of the control parameter, depending on the temperature range
  • Temporary set point increase, in order to reach faster the required temperature
  • Individual triggering of the heat thyristors in every single heating zone
  • Improved controllability of single sections by cascade control

Nitriding furnace

The high flexibility of the process controller series DE-VX 4200 allows the realization of even complex and sophisticated requirements for the control and regulation of nitriding installations. Some examples:

  • Exact dosing and quantity control of the different process gases
  • Flexible connection of different components of different manufacturers
  • Communication with different distributed I/O, e.g. via CAN-Bus
  • Independent regulation and control of multi-system installations, e.g. in a plasma shuttle installation
  • Indirect temperature control by means of the pulsing DC voltage of the plasma nitriding

Pit-type furnace

Due to the partly very high dimensions of the pit-type furnaces, the control and regulation systems have to meet very high requirements. This is only possible because of the individual configuration of the process control system series DE-VX 4200. Further advantages of the process controller for the use in a pit-type furnace are

  • Diffusion automatic, especially of high carburization depths
  • Easy realization of a cascaded multi-zone control
  • High quality of the heat treatment, due to additional charge elements
  • Multi-system installation for the simultaneous control and regulation of the quenching bath and of the tempering furnace(s)

Pusher furnace

Pusher furnace installations are mostly used in part- or full-automatic lines. The step sequence control of the process control system DE-VX 4200 offers a comfortable possibility to realize a partly very complex process run. The system offers the following advantages:

  • Program switches by zones at a charge changing
  • Impulse firing system
  • Automatization and charge tracking of the supervisory system

Continuous belt furnace

This furnace type is moreover mostly devided in several heating zones, which have to be controlled and regulated independent from each other. This can be realized with fixed set points in the program parameters of the control system DE-VX 4200. Here, it is also possible to prefix different set points of the single zones independent from each other. The process control system offer the following advantages:

  • Program switches by zones at a charge changing
  • Impulse firing system
  • Separate control of the loading device
  • Automatization and charge tracking of the supervisory system

Roller hearth furnace

The flexible and modular construction of this furnace type allows on the one hand the application in many different processes but on the other hand make high demands on the control and regulation technology. The same functions which are used for the control and regulation of pusher- and belt-furnaces, can be applied here.

Further industrial applications


In general there are two types of autoclave: full-water autoclave and steam autoclave. This furnace type is used in the food-stuff industry and for the hardening of composite materials or building materials (aerated concrete or lime sand brick) but also in the medical science for the sterilization of instruments

Due to the demig process control systems, the process variables like temperature and pressure are controlled according to the programmed required program sequence and the integrated PLC of the controller, configured safety regulations are observed. Thus, an optimizing of the complete process is realized, which means energy and time saving and thus a higher efficiency of the installation.

Tube winder

Serves for the production of plastic tubes. The liquid plastics is winded in s-shape around the rotating roll. The motion sequence of the roll, the sequence control of the carrier unit, where the liquid plastics is positioned as well as the temperature of the liquid plastics, the feed and the quantity are controlled by a DE-VX 4210.

Pasteurization installation

These installations are used for the pasteurization of beer, fruit juices and all kinds of conserved food, to kill microorganisms without influencing the taste. The use of a control system of the series DE-VX 4200 offers the advantage, e.g. in continuous working pasteurization installations, that also the automatic calculation of the F-value can be realized besides the variables to be controlled, like temperature and tape speed. All relevant variables can be documented and archived relating to the charge.

Hot press

High-strength tools but also sensitive ceramics can be debinded and sintered in one step in the hot presses. Due to its precision, the process control system DE-VX 4200 is able to realize the very precise control of the temperature and of the plunger pressure. Thus, these installations can even be used for very sensitive applications, mostly in a redundant system.

Chamber Filter Press

With this installation type, a simple process for the dewatering of sewage sludge and other sludges has been developed, which is up to the requirements for optimized technical conditions and to reduce the costs. The speciality in this task was to find a process for the separation of water which is free of dispersed solids in the sewage sludge after the polymer conditioning. An optical flock sensor for the cloudiness measurement of the sewage sludge is the measured value to regulate the dosage of the flock medium (water soluble polyelectrolytes) which are required for the conditioning of the sludge.

Furthermore, the control system controls the sludge flow into the installation, as well as the step-by-step control of the pressure in the chamber. In Moscow, the modernization of a outdated chamber filter press lead to triple the capacity by modern demig control systems. In 1999 the process has been applied for a patent and has been registered.

Rotary hearth

This furnace type is used e.g. in the chemical industry for long duration processes. The constant rotary of the reaction container ensures a constant temperature distribution in each zone and a good mix of the reactive substances. Thus, a continuously running reaction is reached.

The controller of the DE-VX 4200 series with the multi-system regulation  ensures the required precise and zone independant temperature control of the partly exothermal reactions. The pressure control in the reaction container and the timely addition of different reaction partners is realized by the weight calculation of chemical decomposition products.

Chamber drier

Chamber driers are suitable for a continuous drying or a drying charge by charge of different goods and for goods of large format with partly very long drying times. The temperature in the chamber driers can be adopted optimally while the drying time by means of flexible temperature- and time-curves.

Installations of up to 64 independent control blocks can be controlled and regulated with a control system of the series DE-VX 4200, e.g. high-precision chamber driers with several independent zones for an absolute gentle drying of high-quality ceramic tiles in a special drying process. The charging of such installations is done manually or automatically controlled by the internal PLC of the control system of the series DE-VX 4200.

Special installation for the heat treatment of optical material

Special installation for the heat treatment of optical material for a well-known German company, which is market leader worldwide.

Precondition is a long-term and absolute precise process guiding about several weeks, which is ensured by demig controller together with the process supervisory system prosys/2.