prosys/2 is the operator surface for the basic tasks of the supervisory system. The software was designed in 1987, especially for the complex requirements in the heat treatment and since then it has been adopted and enhanced constantly according to the technical requirements, the operating systems´ changings and the changed operator surface. Above all, the focus was and is on the customer requirements.

Due to the open structure, which may be extended at any time and cost-effective, the system grows along the users´ requirements up to a fully-automatic production line. In case of connecting further demig process control systems a self-configuration takes place. All standard functions including the visualization are available, whereas all texts, descriptions as well as the control regarding the programming creation corresponds with the process controller.

Functional overview

Program administration

Process documentation and evaluation

Alarm and message functions


System operation

User management / Event log

Multilingual capability




Additional modules: prosydiff & prosytel