In-process control (IPC)

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During a production process, so-called in-process controls are carried out in order to monitor and document these production processes themselves. This ensures a constant quality of production so that the products produced in this way reliably meet their specifications. This is also proven with the documentation of the course of the process.

Process visualization
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The demig supervisory system prosys/2 supports the in-process control, in which it summarizes all control systems of the process level and gives the production supervisor and the management a complete overview of the currently running processes. Detailed views of the systems can also be displayed. From here, processes can be started, monitored and, if necessary, intervened in them.

The data provided by the process system support you in tasks such as quality assurance, energy management and process optimization.

All quality-relevant, plant or charge-related process data with selected time grids can be recorded, displayed, analyzed and archive. The documentation is a necessary component for all of your quality certificates and their certifications according to DIN ISO 9000 ff., CQI-9 standards or other specific certifications for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Quality assurance

Log of all events

You can always stay up to date. With the help of modern interfaces, such as the industrial protocol OPC UA, we enable you to make the status of the ongoing processes visible. And this almost regardless of the platform used and where you are. We adapt the display to your needs so that you benefit from the visualisation of your systems and processes.

If the system reports an error, you will be informed e.g. by SMS. The in-process control enables the current status of the processes to be recognized and corrective action to be taken if necessary.

One example of how easy it is to use our supervisory system prosys/2 quality management is the versioning of your special programs or recipes. All adaptions of programs with their author are documented. Changes can be compared and previous versions restored.

The simplest handling supports the documentation for the fulfillment of the CQI-9 standards.

Version control