Extensible in several dimensions

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An important advantage of the system is the multidimensional scalability of our control system. You can use prosys/2 vertically with one client and control system or horizontally in interaction with several clients and control systems. This offers you the possibility of simple and inexpensive expansion.

The system grows with you. If you expand your system and integrate further demig process controllers, prosys/2 automatically transfers the respective configuration including the visualization and language files without great effort. This saves time and money, especially during short-term maintenance work, and safeguards your know-how. The close coordination of the demig systems with one another pays off for you in practice.

Of course, prosys/2 can also incorporate rule systems that are not “demigous”. You can easily integrate your existing system infrastructure and expand it later at any time. You receive complete functionality in the interaction of the demig controller with prosys/2 as a control system.

Even if you want to modernize your control systems, our control system prosys/2 makes it easier for you to integrate it into the existing system. Due to the compatibility with the previous models, data and configurations can largely be transferred. This is how you stay future-proof!