Effective workflow

You save resources when you use our control system prosys/2! Your processes become more efficient. It is much easier to keep track of things, especially with complex systems.

This is done by structuring the workflows of a process, with which it is determined which individual work steps have to be carried out and when. The people involved in the individual steps and the responsibilities are defined, the necessary documents are described and everything is brought into an optimal context. The workflow is used to display the relevant process, which can then be controlled, monitored and documented with the control system.

With the help of the prosys/2 control system, qualified employees can look after several systems at the same time.

Industry 4.0

The prosys/2 control system communicates with all common ERP programs. Standardized interfaces enable the simplest integration into your company software environment. The designation IoT, the “Internet of Things” or “Industry 4.0” indicates the possibility of intelligent linking of systems and processes through modern information and communication technologies.

The prosys/2 control system can support you in calculating the optimal processing of your production orders. This relieves your employees and makes better use of the available system capacity. Optimization routines can also help you to complete deliveries on time, while restrictions are taken into account, such as the fact that only approved furnaces are used.

You have the option of maintaining individual systems independently of one another and easily replacing demig control systems, as they can configure themselves automatically. This supports preventive maintenance and reduces downtimes. Your know-how in the form of the heat treatment recipes is secured in the prosys/2 control system.

Optimization of manufacturing processes
Automatic line

Due to the open structure, which can be expanded at any time, the control system grows according to your needs up to a fully automatic production line with our prover/2 program and the possibility of direct connection to an ERP system with our TAM interface. In addition, our technicians and engineers work with you to develop implementations that are continuously tailored to your process requirements down to the last detail.

We can do this because we develop and enhance our systems ourselves. In this way, we have the freedom and flexibility to react to new requirements and to implement new options again and again – especially with regard to value-adding connection to modern communication systems with the help of the “IoT“.