New features in our process control systems

  • Multi point calibration of the analog inputs
  • Simplified cyclic communication serial/network (e. g. Modbus)
  • S 7-Fetch-/Write- Protocol
  • Application event history (protocol of e. g. operator interventions)

Choose your process controller

Serie DE-VX 4200
Serie DE-VX 4600
Serie DE-VX 5115

The high-powered process–systems for process engineering tasks

We put our experience of more than 40 years of developing process control systems to the conception of the demig control system family. The networkable controllers may be flexibly equipped with I/O boards or with external modules and possesses all necessary modern interfaces. By means of the configuration software, demig or plant constructors can adopt the system to the individual requirements of the customer or of the installation itself and can create an individual graphic design.


  • Process orientated programming
  • Manual operation mode
  • Multi-system regulation
  • Special functions (e.g. diffusion control, F-value calculation)


  • Integrated PLC (S5®/S7® compatible)
  • Manual operation mode
  • Step chain control
  • Functions (e.g. Impulse firing system)


  • Recording of all process variables
  • Integrated recording functions
  • Graphic and numeric data output
  • Print functions


  • Animated site view
  • Status information of the system
  • Alarms and messages
  • Online presentation of process variables

Freely configurable

  • Configuration of analog inputs with AWL (instruction list)
  • PLC programming with AWL (instruction list)
  • Block (controler structure) configuration
  • Creation of process orientated programming according to the decision tree principle


  • Telemaintenance: Transmission of maintenance and error data as well as project data for updates at modifications
  • Telemonitoring: Online monitoring of the system by the engineering personal or by the management
  • Data transmission via telephone: Use of internal communication to reduce complicate wirings

PLC Debugger

  • Online PLC in windowing
  • Control of the symbols
  • Configurable status data of digital inputs and outputs