Configuration Software

The basic configuration of the process systems is made on PC compatible computers and transmitted about an interface to the control system. The made configurations are optionally copy-protected, which means that the configuration know how cannot be transferred to other systems without consent.

The current configuration program makes all functions available on a Windows based user interface and allows the normal Windows operation. The integrated help works both context sensitively and in overview form with search functionality.
The necessary software is provided to informed users free of charge. When required individual trainings are offered by us.

The configuration software offers the user the following possibilities:

The input wiring of the analog and digital input cards of the control system can be flexibly selected and combined. The functions of the inputs and outputs are also defined in the configuration. The configuration is created in an ALW-like programming language. Thus, modifications and installation extensions are simply and cost-effectively possible at any time.

The controller configuration is built from pre-defined mathematical function blocks. These function blocks directly communicate with the integrated PLC. Integrated check functions serve the fault location and the optimizing.

For a better supervision of the process presentations like line diagrams or trend diagrams may be configured. The current process state is displayed by means of process and site views where numeric displays, trend displays, fault lamps or colored marks may be integrated. Furthermore, the standard functions like copy and paste, as well as the simultaneous movement of several objects, are available.

Short error messages and alarms may be configured for the display in the process system. Extended help texts may be generated in order to support the user in current situations. Combined with PLC-instructions an automatic reaction of the system may be installed.

The internal PLC offers all modern functions of a PLC and has an instruction set compatible with the S5© and S7© . For special applications extended instructions are available. The PLC will be programmed in the well-known AWL structure. An online debugger shows the state of the currently running PLC program. Process variables may be inspected and modified. For a better overview, it is possible to define up to eight sets of inspected variables, between which can be switched by mouse click.

By means of the configuration of process phases the manufacturer offers the special know-how – including an individual and optimized control and regulation system – to the end-user. All necessary control functions are generated automatically. Illogic entries by the user are avoided by the decision tree principle

Formats and symbols can be defined and configured easily in different categories. Later on, the formats are related to the symbols which can be used for the block inputs and outputs. Besides the standard configuration, it is possible to derive them of the main format. Thereby the upper and lower limits as well as the presentation are adopted.

In certain installations, step sequences are used for the control of processes. In this program part, these step sequences can be visualized in the automatic mode and can be controlled by hand in the manual mode. The function of the program part “Step sequence” depends mostly of the configuration for the installation and cannot be described in general for all applications.

For process control systems starting with series VX 4100 it is possible to translate one project in different languages. They can be defined easily in the configuration program and can be switched in the control system. A complete Unicode-support enables also the use of e.g. Asiatic symbol set.

Existing control system configurations of the series 4001/8 can be easily transferred to modern series. Existing visualizations can be automatically converted if required.

For the communication of the configuration software with the process control system, different communication possibilities are available. The connection can be realized directly with a serial interface (RS232), via modem or even per TCP/IP. The use of modern networks and/or VPN systems is possible.

Documentation assistant:

The demig Project Documentation deprodok serves to show the configured process controller project. The demanded data are generated and transferred into a clearly formatted and printable text (pdf). The following ranges are available

  • Block configuration
  • Symbols
  • Formats
  • Process view information
  • Alarm texts / Messages
  • Recorder information
  • Process orientated programming
  • System symbols