With products of highest quality and with a superior technical useability, demig intends to be partner in the process engineering for the heat treatment. The fair and constructive partnership with our customers – especially with furnace contructors, plant constructors and users – as well as with cooperating companies, is one of the most important aspects of our business acting.

The focus of the demig´s company policy is to be a specialist in the defined core competences. For the customers and partners, demig intends to be an innovative, qualified, loyal and faithful partner. Our aim is to strengthen the market position and to increase the enterprise value.

To reach this company policy...

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


  • 1977

    Foundation in Cologne as demig microcomputer GmbH with special developments on the base of microprocessors (e.g. tank data recording for company-owned filling stations, control units for lifts and fan blowers etc.)

  • 1978

    Development of the first digital programmer worldwide, the DE-P 1131

  • 1983

    Market introduction of the first integrated digital program controller DE-PR 0133

  • 1984

    Expansion of the management by the actual active partners and a Venture Capital partnership with S-Siegerlandfonds

  • 1985

    Move to Siegen and cooperation with the local university

  • 1986

    Development of the supervisory system prosys for the connection of control systems and change from a manufacturer of controllers to a process technology and engineering company

  • 1987

    Introduction of the next product generation DE-PR 3001, which could execute extended functions with up to 14 CPUs

  • 1992

    Introduction of the product generation DE-VR 400X for the first time provided with an industrial CPU and an integrated PLC. Sale of the branch "Automation of filling stations" and rename of the company in demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH

  • 1995

    Expansion of the offered service in the field of heat treatment with complete solutions for modernization and automation. Introduction of the DE-VR 4008 with 6,5" display and the further development of the supervisory system prosys/2 under OS/2

  • 1998

    Acquisition of an investment in the company Düster Elektrosteuerungsbau GmbH in order to strengthen the service in the field of control engineering. The supervisory system prosys/2 will now be offered under Windows, too

  • 2000

    Scheduled termination of the Venture Capital partnership and repurchase of the shares by the shareholders. Cooperation with TTC Informatik GmbH to support the product development as well as the sale of the AdministrationManagementSystem AMS

  • 2001

    Division of the company in demig Prozessautomatisierung GmbH in which the fields of process control, automation and special developments are combined and in the company demig Anlagentechnik GmbH for the engineering and realization of industrial projects in the branch of mechanical engineering

  • 2002

    demig Prozessautomatisierung celebrates 25 years of partnership in the process engineering together with clients, staff and partner. Start of the next controller generation DE-VX 4100 provided with 10" or 15" display

  • 2004

    Opening of a representation in Nanjing (China) with a local partner

  • 2012

    The range of products has been enhanced by 4 versions of the compact controller DE-VX 4600

  • 2017

    prosys/2 Vers. 6ff with an redesigned operator surface and additional functions is introduced on the HärtereiKongress in Cologne

  • 2018

    Introduction of the redesigned DE-VX 4200 as successor of DE-VX 4100

  • 2019

    Introduction of the DE-VX 5115 touch with redesigned operator interface on the Thermprocess in Düsseldorf

  • 2021

    demig has set the course for the future – René Boller and Dr.-Ing. Axel Müller takeover the management from 2021-01-01


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