The administration management system for all kinds of heat treatment

The AdministrationManagementSystem of the company ttc informatik GmbH is a modern software, which is especially developed for the requirements of heat-treating departments. Besides highly-qualified software engineers, also experienced technicians out of the branch contributed to that system solution, which serves all operating sectors – from the price calculation and the creation of quotations over the hardening and metallographic test up to the automized invoicing – in an optimized way.

Moreover, by means of the technical AdministrationManagementSystem TAM we connect the administrative functions of the order processing with the technical part of the systems engineering and control technology with the process supervisory system prosys/2. This unique integration, the modular structure of the programs as well as the possibility for the net-enlargement enables the flexible structure of a complete order-, date- and process-management, even for smaller companies. Even installation-related or batch-related energy- and gas-quantities may be transferred for the consumption- and profitability-calculation.

demig Prozessautomatisierung is not only the first sales partner for AdministrationManagementSoftware AMS since the foundation of ttc Informatik in 1997  but  supported actively, especially in the first years, the software development with technical information and valuable advices.